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Take your professional image to the next level with powerful headshots that build credibility, confidence, and trust.

Even if you are the best at what you do, you'll lose to the competition if don't stand out

It’s been proven — People with a stronger online presence attract more and better customers. With BRANDCELLENCE. , you’ll get headshots that build credibility, confidence and trust to make sure you stand out from the crowd and get more leads.

when you have a good online presence, you make more connections.

In today’s fast-paced world, you only get one shot at a first impression. With a single click, you can lose someone’s attention – but a powerful profile photo can keep them hooked. 

A professional headshot captures the sparkle in your eyes and the curve of your smile, showcasing your unique personality and qualities. It’s the first step to standing out from the crowd and making meaningful connections. 

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What Do I Get With the Photoshoot?

Your headshot is more than just a pretty photo – it’s your online identity. With the rise of virtual communication, it’s increasingly important to make a strong impression online. 

Your headshot could be seen by hundreds or thousands of people every day, including important individuals you may never meet in person. 

That’s why it’s crucial to have a headshot that truly represents you and showcases your best qualities. 

We can help you get a powerful headshot powerful headshots that build credibility, confidence, and trust.

Your headshot session includes:

High-End Retouching is Included!


I used to cringe at my own headshot, now I (and my clients) LOVE it!

Samuel's clean and well lit headshot is now elevating his Personal Brand.

- Samuel, Wedding Photographer


I'm getting a lot more clients...

The event planning business is very competitive, but
a good headshot can make you stand out from the rest.

- Alina, Event Planner

ct-headshots-photographer-jbologna-0004 copy

I love my photos!

You gave my website (and my Linkedin bio) a facelift.
I'm getting a lot more connections than before.

- Jennifer, Lawyer

What's My Investment

Investing in a professional headshot is like opening a door to new connections. It’s the key to looking confident and approachable every day, and taking control of your personal and professional reputation. 

With a standout headshot, you can make a lasting impression and connect with exciting new opportunities. So put your best face forward and let your headshot work for you.


Session Fee
$ 199
  • $195 per image
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So, do you really need a headshot? and how much does it cost?

In today’s online world your headshot is your digital handshake. You want to look your best — professional, approachable, engaging. 

The problem is, most people hate being in front of the camera, and more often than not, this makes them feel awkward, uncomfortable and put headshots at the bottom of the priorities list (not good).

The good news is that I’ve mastered the process that helps all our clients look incredible.

The best of YOU yet, and have an enjoyable experience.

This is how it works.

1. Reserve your spot with the link below. Your investment is only $199 session fee, and $195 per image. You’re welcome to purchase 1 image or 10, the more you buy, the more you save.

2. You’ll receive wardrobe guidance and posing direction.

*Professional hair and makeup is available.

3. We’ll sit down right after your session to select your favorite images, which are then sent to be professionally retouched and delivered within 5 business days.

Headshots are perfect for

are you ready to look your best and stand out from the competition?