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Headshot Day at HAYVN - May 15th - Darien, CT

Are you ready to ditch those outdated selfies and take your online presence to the next level and get branding headshot that instill confidence, and make you impossible to ignore?

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I'm not just a brand photographer

I help you craft your online identity

After photographing wedding for over 10 years, I discover my passion for crafting online identities.

And Brandcellence was born.

I believe in purposely, plausible photographs that help you relate to and attract the audience you want to reach

At Headshot Day I do just that, I help you create a set of high-quality images your can use on your LinkedIn, social media and website to inspire your dream clients to take action and connect.

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Meet some of the previous business owners who have taken their online presence to the next level

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I used to cringe at my headshot, but now I (and my clients) love it!

After updating my LinkedIn, Instagram and Website photos, I keep getting lots of compliments. Plus, I'm getting more and better leads! 🔥

Having high quality headshots that represent your personality can make your business magnetic to new leads and clients.

Let’s create high-quality branding headshots to inject into your social media and website so can can stand out and get more leads.


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✅  More leads and connections
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8 reasons why you need good branding headshots

Reason #1

professional headshot creates a strong first impression, fostering trust and confidence

Reason #2

They communicate professionalism, expertise, and success, making you stand out from competitors

Reason #3

People do business with those they like and trust, and a headshot helps you connect on a personal level

Reason #4

A headshot puts a face to your name, making your brand more relatable and memorable

Reason #5

Eye-catching headshots in your social media profiles increase engagement

Reason #6

Using your headshot consistently across all platforms builds brand recognition

Reason #7

High-quality headshots on your careers page can make your company look more attractive to potential recruits

Reason #8

A professional headshot is a small investment with a big return, promoting your brand effectively across all platforms

100% Money Back Guarantee.

This is how it works

1. Click on May 15 in the calendar

Select your prefered time slot

2. Get your new headshots

Enjoy your photo session, select your favorites and get your final images in 5 days or less

3. make a lasting first impression

Update your website and social media profile.

Make a lasting first impression!

love your branding headshots...or we'll give your money back

After your headshot session, we'll review and select your favorite images.

In the unlikely event that you don’t like any of your headshots (insert broken heart emoji here)...

We'll shoot it again...

If you still don't like your images, we'll give you your money back.

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