Want to dramatically elevate your online presence?

Then you need a headshot that makes you stand out!​

We can help you get a headshot that makes you feel great, gets people to notice you and makes them buy what you sell.​

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"I just updated my LinkedIn profile and I'm very happy with it!"

It's no secret that the online world has become a noisy and crowded place. There's a lot more competition than ever before, making it more and more difficult to stand out.

No matter how good you are at what you do, no matter how hard you work or how much you produce, one of the most important things you can do to thrive online is this:

Build your personal brand so you can stand out 

from your competition or your business won’t survive.

If you’re not seeing the result you want, if you keep losing to the “cheaper” option, you need to elevate your online presence and become impossible to ignore. 

Having a strong online presence is  REQUIRED if you want to 

make an impact and get new (and better) clients. 

The one that’ll happily pay for whatever you’re selling.

Attention: Entrepreneurs, small business owners, real estate agents...

Your headshot is the #1 most viewed element on your social media profile & website.

...and you can have a headshot that makes an impact,
makes you feel great, and gets people to notice you.

You can have a headshot that’s authentic, true to your personality, modern without being stiff, and old fashioned.

Don't believe it?

See what past clients are saying


I used to cringe at my own headshot, now I (and my clients) LOVE it!

Samuel's clean and well lit headshot is now elevating his Personal Brand.

- Samuel, Wedding Photographer


I'm getting a lot more clients...

The real estate business is very competitive, but
a good headshot can make you stand out from the rest.

- Jennifer, Real Estate Agent


Like magic. I'm getting more engagement on my Instagram feed.

Lawyers can be intimidating. But Patrick is killing it on Instagram.
(I have a suspicion that his photos have something to do with it)

- Patrick, Small Business Lawyer




Stand out from the competition & give your social media bio the perfect dose of YOU - Guaranteed.

At the end of your session, you'll be able to...

Update your social media profiles

Attract new (and better) clients

Feel good about yourself

Build trust

(time to break the piggie-bank)


What's included in your headshot session?​

What are you waiting for?

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High-end retouching is included!

*The session fee covers setup, shot prep, and shooting time. Images are purchased separately right after the session. You can buy one or twenty at $195ea. Your call.

What are you waiting for?​

This Is How It Works​

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Show up to your session

Enjoy your photo session, and don't worry we'll coach and guide you throughout out the shoot.

Update your SM and website

We'll select your photos right after the session, send them to be retouched and get them to you within 48 hrs.

It's time to get it done

With a headshot, good enough might be good enough. But BETTER makes you more money. So we're going to help you get a better headshot -- quick and easy.​

So, do you really need a headshot? and how much does it cost?

To put it simple, yes, you do need a headshot that makes you rise above your competition.

The problem is, most business owners thought having an online presence was not important (most of them are not longer in business after the COVID lockdowns!).

A bad headshot make you look awkward, stiff and doesn't represent who you are.
A good photographer will make you feel comfortable and will coach you throughout the session.

You think you're not photogenic. As photographers, is our job to advice you on what to wear, and pose you to get the best photos to represent you.

I totally get how uncomfortable being in front of the camera can be (even models feel the same!).

Having this in mind, I have created a simple process that is fun - and painless. This is how it works.

1st. We'll have a quick chat on the phone to know exactly what you need.

2nd. We'll send you our tips & styling guide to help you prepare.

And finally, we'll photograph you and sit down together right after your session to select your final headshots (and send them to be professionally retouched.)​

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