Ba Design Company, LLC
Website, Message, Online Marketing Proposal

Prepared for Amath Ba

Prepared for Amath Ba


Amath Ba of Ba Design Company, LLC (The Client) is looking to re-do his construction & design the company website to gain more clients and increase sales.

The construction & design industry is very saturated; therefore, the website and messaging needs to be clear, simple, and straightforward. This will give prospecting clients a good idea why Ba Design Company, LLC is the right company for their project.

Our custom web design process


1. Sign your contract

As soon as the contract is signed and retairner is sent we get to work designing your website and crafting your message

2. Launch your website

Most websites are finalized between 3 to 4 weeks. We'll work togetherto gather the neccesary information

3. Get more leads

Blow up your sales and inquiries like it's Black Friday (everyday).

Marketing Collaterals

– Property assessment guide
– Brochure/Enhanced resume

We’ll develop the guide and brochure on InDesign and deliver a copy in pdf format so it can be distributed to potential clients and/or use it as a downloadable freebie on the website.

Offering a free resource on a website is a great way to collect leads email address so they can be followed up with an email campaign

Cost: $1500 $1000
Timeframe:  3 weeks

Marketing/Ad campaign Facebook/Instagram:

We’ll start by strategizing the content & strategy for the ad campaign. We’ll explore and test different visuals and demographics to pin point the most responsive group in order to gain more probabilities of leads

It is recommended to run an ad campaign for a minimum of 3 months so the proper testing and analytics can be found.

Cost: $400 $350
Duration:  3 months minimum

Our promise...

Sure, you can hire a web designers on Fiverr, and Upwork or you can continue spending countless hours tinkering with your website, which at the end is going to leave you disappointed… And back to where you started.

With our web design services, you don’t need to compromise.

You’ll get a website design and development team to get your high-converting website done the right way.

How many potential clients have you lost because your website didn't do its job and convert them into clients?
Do you have an outdated website that needs to be redesigned?

We build websites that turn your visitors into paying clients