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Give your social media bio & website the perfect dose of YOU.


Social Media & Website Headshot Makeover

Give your social media bio & website the perfect dose of YOU.


Social Media & Website Headshot Makeover

Your headshot is the #1 most viewed (and powerful) element on your social media bio & website.

Is yours leaving money on the table?

I'll bet it is. I'll bet it's leaving money all over the table, on the cash register and everywhere but your checking account. There are three reasons why it's draining dollars as we speak:

#1. Your headshot doesn’t reflect who you are and reels in buyers in an instant (yes, I need to do business with you).


#2. The selfie on your bio and website is not doing you any favors.


#3. You don’t even have a damn headshot! If fact, when people go to your LinkedIn profile, (which, btw, is the first thing people do when they meet you) all they see is a blank profile. You know you need a good headshot, and you wake up every morning saying, “I’ll find a photographer today.” Today turns into the next day…and life goes on.

Let me guess...

You hate getting your photos taken. You are a pro taking selfies for Instagram, but when it comes to being in front of a photographer, you freeze and feel overwhelmed.

You never look good in photos. Are you supposed to be a model to look good? Have the perfect hair? The perfect outfit?

You have no idea if it’s worth the investment. While while getting those “we’ve moved on a different direction” emails time and time again. 

You need to lose a few pounds first. Should I just do it now, or wait?

You’ve seen some people do headshots with a dark background, white background, and outdoors. Which one should it be?

My list of clients include lawyers, chefs, real estate agents, investment bankers, coaches, doctors, actors, bloggers, actresses, etc and 99% felt the same way, but I can fix that for you. I’ll make the experience fun & comfortable. I’m a pro in lighting and posing so you can get the perfect angles, expression and positioning. I’ll make you look good, (better than the other guy) or your money back. 


It's time to get it done!

With your headshot, good enough is good enough. But BETTER makes you more money. So I'm going to help you get a better headshot -- quick and easy.

Here’re some before and after headshots that my clients have used to spice up their social media & website profiles. I even saw a client’s headshot on a billboard on I-95!


“I got the gig. 100% worth the investment” – Kevin


“I’m getting more social media engagement since I updated my profile” – Samuel



A 30-minute photography session to create the headshot that'll help you connect with your audience and make you rise above the competition.

All done for you. Includes high-end retouching and social media ready files. (all you have to do is click upload).

ct-new-york-headshots-photographer-photos-3 copy

I used to cringe at my own headshot, now I (and my clients) LOVE it!

Samuel's clean and well lit headshot is now elevating his Personal Brand.

- Samuel, Wedding Photographer


My website is on fire!

You gave my website (and my bio) a facelift. My website is on fire! Thank you.

- Jennifer, Real Estate Agent


Like magic. I'm getting more engagement on my Instagram feed.

Lawyers can be intimidating. But Patrick is killing it on Instagram. (I have a suspicion that his photos have something to do with it)

- Patrick, Small Business Lawyer

What your headshot session includes:

(time to break the piggie-bank)

Need headshots for your team? Contact us to schedule a free consultation and quote.

this is how it works

1. Schedule a call

We get to understand your business, goals and customers needs.

2. The Headshot Session

A fun and enjoyable photo session, with guidance every step of the way.

3. Headshot Delivery

Give your SM bio and website a facelift and attract your dream clients.

So, do I really need a headshot? and how much does it cost?

It’s 2021. It’s no longer enough to be successful, you also have to look successful online. After all, your social media or website are often where first impressions are made. The problem is, most headshots look awkward, stiff and just not a great representation of who you are. More often than not, a bad headshot experience will make you feel like you wasted your time and money. It is not your job to be photogenic. It shouldn’t be up to you to know what to wear or how to pose – as a photographer, that is my job.

I totally get how uncomfortable it feels to be in front of the camera (even models do!). Having this in mind, I have created a simple start-to-finish process that is painless and fun.

This is how it works. 

1st. We speak on the phone so I know exactly how to tailor the session for your needs. 

2nd. You’ll receive wardrobe guidance and on-site styling, posing direction, and flattering lighting that will make you look your very best. 

And finally, we’ll sit down together right after your session to select your final portraits which are then retouched and delivered within 48 hours, so you never have to wait! 

Click below and let's get it done!